Parkland Uprising Oral Histories

Parkland_School_Louisville_Kentucky_1922Students at the University of Louisville conducted oral histories with members of the Parkland neighborhood on their remembrances of the 1968 Uprising.  These oral histories tell the story of the Uprising from those on the streets, those in the neighborhood, or those who were abroad, but heard what happened and how it affected them and their neighborhood.  Each narrator describes the neighborhood before May 1968 and what changed following those dark few days.

Many of the narrators offer ideas and possible avenues of change that would better the neighborhood.  They see that great community involvement is needed by those in the community and by the city, too, to make progress in the area.  Even after all these years, they all see that Parkland can have an even better future.  By clicking on the link below, you can hear their stories.


Parkland Oral Histories

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