Exodus: White Flight and the 1968 Parkland Uprising

A map-based prezi that connects neighborhood memories to the narrator’s own place in Parkland.

Like other urban areas and neighborhoods in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the demographics of Parkland shifted.  Prior to 1960, Parkland was home to working, middle-class families .  Many of residents owned and operated businesses in the neighborhood.  As such, the residents in Parkland found the services, conveniences, and groceries they needed on a daily basis within a few miles of their homes.  However, as the growing Civil Rights debate of the 1950s escalated, many of the residents began moving to the newly-established suburbs to, as they saw it, flee from the social strife they saw coming to their neighborhood.


In the linked Prezi presentation, Exodus: White Flight and the 1968 Parkland Uprising, Digital History students Chris Burns, Wes Cunningham, and Danny Michael spotlight the shift in Parkland’s White Flight demographics.

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