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Attica Scott


Michele Hemenway is a teacher and curricula writer, with a particular interest in sharing social justice movements and anti-racist activity in classrooms. She got involved in the Parkland neighborhood and a project about its history by invitation to involve students in the retelling of the story of the Parkland Uprisings.  The history of Parkland reflects what every United States community holds: racial justice history. Until we examine these histories in an honest and inclusive manner with resulting action outcomes, these communities will continue to reflect the inattentiveness and lack of courage we demonstrate.


Dr. Cate Fosl, Director of Anne Braden Institute


Dr. Tracy K’Meyer is Professor of History and Chair of the History Department at the University of Louisville.  She is a historian of twentieth century social movements around race and poverty, and author of two books on civil rights and desegregation in Louisville.  She helps advise the project on the historical context of race and civil rights in Louisville.  The Parkland story is important because it helps us to understand the social and economic forces that contribute to economic inequality along racial lines.

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